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Our Preschool Program

Short class times

Our preschool program is run from 9:00am to noon, which means your children won't be away from you for too long. Enrich their lives with preschool while still having plenty of time to spend with them.

Close attention

Not only do our classes have creative curriculum to make learning fun, but we also have small classroom sizes. This means our teachers are able to give your children more personalized attention.

Develop your children

An important part of school is socializing your children so they can function in society with ease in the future. Our high-quality preschool program serves Bowling Green and surrounding communities.

Daily Activities

Art Projects

Bring out the creative side of your kids with our art projects.

Start your child's education with Jack & Jill Child Care's preschool program. He or she will love mingling with other children his or her age.

childrens with teacher Smiling girl Teacher with small group

Put their knowledge to the test with our homework assignments.


We give your children healthy snacks for their well-being.


Exercising their bodies is as important as exercising their minds.